The Packet sat down with the winner of this month's Pub of the Year category, who was "chuffed" to have been chosen by customers.

The Trelowarren Arms in Budock Water was voted the Community Pub of the year.

Landlady Anna Cavanagh has been involved in the running of the pub from a young age.

At 14, she started working as a Saturday girl for then-landlord Glyn Thomas, when the pub was "heaving".

She enjoyed it so much that she ended up staying another ten years.

After moving away to far-flung Santiago, Chile to become a teacher, she started to miss the village life and one day got a message from Martin Cavanagh asking if she wanted to help him take over the Trelowarren Arms.

Two years later and the pair are now married and at the helm of a successful premises serving a "tight-knit community".

Anna said: "It's just a proper community. Everyone looks out for each other – because it's a village people look out for each other without being in each others' pockets.

"Everybody knows everybody. Some pubs you can go into and if you're not local you get stared at. Here they love a stranger because it's someone else to yap at."

After hearing the news that they had been crowned the Packet's Community Pub of the Year, Anna says: "I was chuffed, really chuffed.

"Out of all the categories, I thought the community one was the right one."

The pub is held in such esteem by villagers that Anna was asked to open this year's village carnival on Saturday at 5pm.

The Trelowarren Arms has been heavily involved in the festivities this week, with a drama workshop by Kernow King, pasty competition and quiz starting off the week.

Tonight (Wednesday) there will be bingo at 8.30pm and tomorrow (Thursday) a pasty and a pint for £5 with live music from the Oggymen. Entry is free.

On Friday there is a 'holiday quiz' at 8pm, Saturday sees a BBQ and disco after the carnival and finally a BBQ lunch from 12pm to 4pm and live music from Ye Olde Trevenas at 5pm on Sunday.

Anna attributes much of the pub's success to a dedicated group of regulars including the vicar who cheekily refers to the Trelowarren as his "office".

She said: "They'll all be on the doorstep at half past three [opening time]. It's nice."