A regular of Falmouth's "last out-of-town pub" is rallying customers to help save the beloved establishment he has been frequenting since the mid-1970s.

Kevin Burrows, 59, has visited the Boslowick Inn for his whole adult life. He makes the half-hour walk several times a week to soak up the atmosphere with a pint in hand.

He said: "It's always been a matter of the people - the customers and management.

"It's also a very old building. Quite often it's quite a pleasure to sit there and look at the wood panelling and ponder the history. You cant do that in other places."

Two weeks ago the Packet reported that the pub could be under threat of demolition.

A planning application still in its earliest stages outlines the owners' hope to turn the pub into 24 flats.

Landlord Steve Perry told the Packet this week that he had only heard rumours of the plans before reading about them in the news.

Steve and his wife Sue have run the place for 12 years and still have another four on their current lease.

He said: "I don't know what's going to happen. I really don't know until I sit with [the owners] and get some feedback about it.

"The horse has bolted, trade has declined. [The owners] are not a brewery, they're a property company. They know when we're not selling beer.

"It's a tough business at the moment, especially for an out of town pub surrounded by chimney pots, although I have got a loyal band of people."

One of these loyal customers is doing whatever he can to save his "second home".

Kevin said: "For me now it's like a second home, it's like walking into my other home. I try to get up there a couple of times a week - I can't imagine me drinking in a pub in the town.

"They're just not as comfortable, you have got people coming and going all the time. I don't think of many of the pubs in town as being anybody's local."

He has set up a Facebook page called Save the Boslowick Inn and is encouraging people to come and spend "just a tenner a week".

He told the Packet: "If you haven't been in there, I recommend you go into the lounge room and look at the ceiling. It's incredible. You feel like you're standing in a piece of history."