A new bar has opened in Helston and has already become the go-to place - if you're in the know.

Tucked away behind the Beehive in Coinagehall Street, Paradise Lost is a Hawaiian-themed cocktail bar decorated with Tiki heads, palm leaves and even a large mural of Frida Kahlo with light-up lips.

Describing itself as 'Helston's hidden oasis', it has been set up by Shaun Hicks and can be found via the alleyway down the side of the Beehive and launched on Saturday - although not everyone realised.

Kieran Kite, who will be helping to manage the bar alongside Shaun, said: "A lot of people said they don't know it exists, but it's a disused outbuilding at the back.

"The general feedback we have had is people being annoyed they missed it because they didn't know it was open!"

This is The West Country:

The bar has been created out of what used to be the Beehive's separate back bar and beer garden, and is open Friday to Sunday from 5pm, closing at 3am on Saturdays and midnight the rest of the time. The outside area shuts at midnight every night.

The idea came from Shaun, who manages the Beehive - where Kieran also works - on behalf of his father Neal.

"It started as us wanting to clear the beer garden and make it a nice area to sit in for the summer - then we decided to go in a different direction with, and it went out of control!" said Kieran.

They brought in Sketch from Urban Gypset – a professional graffiti artist and expert in street art – to transform the area with his artwork.

Shaun said: "The bar has been in the works since last Christmas but the final vision was only finalised in early July with the massive help of Sketch, creating what we see today."

This is The West Country:

Kieran added: "He's been in for the last four weeks and the night before we were there until 2am touching up everything, then we went back the next morning at 8am.

"I can't praise Sketch enough - he's just an absolute genius."

Shaun and Kieran, both 24, grew up in the town and went to Helston Community College, before moving away to university and go travelling.

"We both came back to Helston and there was not really anywhere to go for people mid 20s and beyond. Unless you want to sit in a pub, there are not really many bars and we wanted to do something different.

"We wanted to make a chilled out evening spot that is not so full on," said Kieran.

This is The West Country:

"We have got quite a few bookings already for private parties and one lady wants to renew her wedding vows there."

Their next big event will be on Bank Holiday Sunday, August 25, when there were will be DJs and the outside bar will be open.