A planned roads policing operation took place in Cornwall on one of the annual busiest weeks of the year on the roads.

Operation Allied Wolf took place last Thursday, involving members of the Alliance roads policing team, No Excuse road safety team, the Alliance road crime unit, road casualty reduction officers and armed response vehicle (ARV) officers.

Police worked with partner organisations including the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership (PRSP) and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) enforcement team.

The PRSP detected 425 vehicles travelling at excessive speed on the A38 and A30, with a top speed of 107mph recorded.

The operation predominantly took place in Newquay but also covered the Truro area and provided an immediate response to Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) activations from static and mobile cameras, as well as proactive patrols, to help minimise crime and traffic related incidents in the area.

Drug “sniffer” dogs and roadside testing with alcolmeters and drug swabs were available to police throughout the operation.

Police also targeted the Fatal Five causes of fatal and serious injury collisions.

The Fatal Five are drink and drug driving, using mobile devices handheld while behind the wheel, excessive speed or inappropriate speed for the conditions, not wearing a seatbelt and careless and inconsiderate driving.

Inspector Pete Thomas said: “Allied Wolf saw Devon & Cornwall Police officers targeting criminals who use the road network.

“We also used this opportunity to reinforce messages around road safety to drivers, and to enforce against offences such as having no insurance, license or MOT."

The results of the successful operation included the following stops, arrests, seizures and penalties issued by the police and partner agencies:

9 Using a mobile phone handheld while driving (distracted driving, one of the Fatal Five)

7 No seatbelt (Fatal Five)

5 Excessive speed (Fatal Five)

4 Not in proper control of the vehicle

2 No driving licence

21 No insurance 21 (11 vehicles seized)

14 No MOT

19 No Vehicle Excise Licence (VEL or “road tax”, including a further 18 clamped or seized by DVSA enforcement team)

4 Illegal tyres

9 Vehicle registration mark (VRM) not conforming

1 Vehicle in dangerous condition

1 Dangerous Load

3 Other vehicle condition and use offences

1 Shoplifter arrested

1 Arrested for taking a vehicle without consent

1 Arrested domestic criminal damage and wanted on warrant

1 Road traffic collision (RTC) attended