Cornwall Council is launching an online course training teachers to use technology to support students with learning difficulties.

Research suggests

that certain technologies can improve language and literacy learning outcomes for young children.

Alison Greenwood from Cornwall Council's Educational Psychology Service co-created the course.

She said: "Tablet computers have opened up a world of possibilities for people with literacy difficulties."

She added: "The online course provides an overview of school's statutory duties, up to date research findings and good practice when using technology to help children learn.

"There is also a step-by-step video guide which shows how different settings and iPad apps can be used to support pupils with literacy difficulties.

"Tablet computers are already used in 70 per cent of primary and secondary schools. However, some reports have questioned if the way they are being used is helping pupils to make progress with their learning.

"This course is based on research which shows how using apps and iPads can improve reading, writing and spelling.

"Research shows that pupils spend more time on task when using computers and are more confident about attempting more difficult questions.

"Tablet computers can be used to deliver individually tailored reading, writing and spelling lessons for pupils on a daily basis.

"In lessons students can have text books read out loud using text-to-speech and tablet computers also allow pupils to record work using a variety of methods.

"This enables students to be able to complete the same work as other children in their class and they need less adult support in order to do so."

Cabinet member for children and wellbeing Sally Hawken said: "Research shows using the right technology in the right way boosts pupils' confidence and independence in class.

"It also empowers young people to learn with their peers and to develop news skills."

More information about the course is available at:

If you are interested in buying the course, contact Alison Greenwood at