Falmouth residents are on a mission to protect the town's vulnerable green spaces and create an unbroken green corridor from Tregoniggie Woods down to Swanpool.

Clare Lewis, who lives in Hillside Road, was at home one day when she heard the sound of splintering trees coming from down the road.

She went outside to investigate and found that builders at a housing development were cutting down trees for, they said, health and safety reasons.

Clare said: "It kind of motivated me to think about all those little green spaces that are unprotected."

She added: "Rather than getting frustrated and angry I wanted to do something grassroots."

So she began working to improve her local green space – Prislow Woods.

This is The West Country:

Monthly events like the "Crafternoon" pictured are being held at Prislow Woods to fund the corridor plan

After banding together with other residents and working tirelessly to clear a once-well-trodden path of fly-tipping debris of all kinds including mattresses, bikes and even a segway, the group now hopes to link several of Falmouth's green spaces to create an unbroken corridor from Bickland Water Road down to Swanpool.

The Friends of Tregoniggie Woods, Swanpool Forum and the Prislow Woods group have united to form the Falmouth Green Corridor Forum in the hopes of protecting the vital strip of green space in the middle of an ever-growing town.

They have the backing of the town council and momentum is building.

The only thing they need now to finalise the plan is formal approval from South West Water, which owns a small parcel of land in the middle of the proposed corridor.

Clare says the utilities company has supported the idea in the past. South West Water has been contacted for comment.

In the meantime, work continues to clear the historic pathway through the woods.

The Prislow Woods group has started organising monthly events to raise funds for the project.

This is The West Country:

Today (Sunday July 21), nestled in a small clearing in the woods, they held a "crafternoon", where parents and children gathered to learn macramé – the art of weaving with knots – courtesy of local company Kelmi.

The sun shone through the trees and the atmosphere was lively, with residents gathered to support a good cause and enjoy tea and cake while they were at it.

To stay abreast of the latest events in Prislow Woods, join the Prislow Woods (East Rise) Facebook page.