A Slimming World member is launching her own group just seven months after joining and dropping three dress sizes.

Alison Sutherland will be re-launching the Thursday morning group at the Old Cattle Market hall in Helston, next to Coronation Park, starting this week at 11.30am.

She made a vow to herself on January 1 to lose weight, after being “shocked” at photos of herself at Christmas.

Alison said: “Looking back, I should have seen my weight creeping up. Clothes were no longer fitting me comfortably, even my shoes were getting tight.

“I knew I was overweight, the scales told me that, but even though I had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and advised to lose some weight, I kept putting it off. The pain in my knee was a constant reminder, but the photo was the final straw.”

She joined Slimming World and despite admitting to be nervous, as she was the heaviest she’d ever been apart from when she was pregnant, she said she “needn’t have worried.”

This is The West Country:

Alison before she lost weight

“As soon as I walked into group I was welcomed by lots of friendly faces. Once back home, I cleared out the fridge and cupboards of my known danger foods and replaced them with lower fat and sugar options, keeping a couple of items aside for an occasional treat.

“Lean meats now replaced the sausage rolls, and the addition of some pre-made ‘go to’ Slimming World meals from Iceland, like their curry for a Saturday night, would help on those days when I needed something in a hurry,” said Alison.

She lost six pounds in the first week and by the time she decided to find out more about becoming a consultant she had lost 2st 4lbs – her confidence growing as her weight reduced.

“I was still able to enjoy our weekly roast dinner, fish and chips, and cooked breakfast at the weekend, learning to adapt our home cooked favourites by swapping a few ingredients and cooking methods.

“This is where staying for the full group session was so powerful, everyone shared their tips and recipes, giving each other support and having a real laugh at the same time, no judgment or humiliation made it the place I wanted to be each week,” she said.

“Obesity is at an all-time high, with one in four adults overweight in the UK. This is the second biggest cause of cancer, which is why I am focused on helping members achieve their own weight loss goals.

“I am so excited to be starting my own group.”