Police have sent a message to drug dealers after seizing a house in Penryn.

A house in St Thomas Street has been closed and boarded up following "numerous complaints" over drug use and drug dealing there, which left residents "vulnerable and frightened", police said.

Officers carried out two drugs warrants at the house, which led to class A drugs being found.

This resulted in a hearing at Bodmin Magistrates' Court on Thursday, at which a closure order was agreed.

Falmouth Police Neighbourhood Team said in a statement: "Over the last year we have received numerous complaints regarding drug dealing / activity from the property. 

"We have acted on community intelligence and conducted two positive drugs warrants, with class A drugs being found on the premises. 

"Despite sending people associated through the criminal justice system - and trying to implement supportive measures - we continued to receive reports of drug activity and anti-social behaviour from the property, leaving local residents vulnerable and frightened. 

"Officers from the Falmouth NHT have once again shown amazing commitment and dedication to safeguarding the public." 

The house has been boarded up and passed back into the hands of the local authority. 

Police said it was another example of officers working together with Force Legal, the housing association and the anti-social behaviour team.

The police team added:" Message to drug dealers - if we can't get you through the criminal justice system we can always consider closing your house!"