THE area manager of a security firm has rubbished claims that it unfairly issued a parking ticket to a toilet cleaner.

Mick Cook, Cornwall manager of Armtrac, refutes Falmouth Town Council employee Geoffrey Norman's complaints, after his BMW was ticketed on Prince of Wales Pier last week.

"There was no note anywhere to be seen displayed in or on the car - we have photographic evidence to prove it - so how would we know he was cleaning the toilets?

"He didn't have a permit, we don't just go round slapping on tickets willy nilly. If we had known that he was working in the toilets we would have spoken to him, a million per cent."

Mr Norman had said that his car was parked four feet from the door, but Mr Cook disputed that, saying it was 30 feet away.

He added: "I get fed up with people like him. We wouldn't have 400 sites around the country if we are such bad boys. We don't just sit in cars around corners waiting to hand out tickets."

Asked why the company took more than 24 hours to respond to the Packet's inquiries, Mr Cook added: "We like to make sure that we have all the facts in front of us before responding. We also have to be aware of Data Protection."

Truro harbourmaster Andy Bridgen told the Packet that he had received a lengthy letter of complaint from Mr Norman and had subsequently spoken to Armtrac about the issue this morning.

He explained that Armtrac has agreed to reduce the £100 fine to a £25 administration fee, which he has now paid to the firm on Mr Norman's behalf.

"We have paid it for him and he now has a valid permit, so that should be the end of it," he said.