A video has now emerged of a giant jellyfish that has been making waves after it was captured swimming off the coast of Falmouth.

The barrel jellyfish, which was particularly large at 1.5 metres long, was caught on film by Chough Productions at Pendennis Point on the same day that wildlife biologist and broadcaster Lizzie Daly was photographed swimming alongside one, dwarfed by the sheer scale of the creature.

Revealing her experience on social media Lizzie, host on BBC Earth who was in Falmouth for online series Wild Ocean Week, said: "Woah! We went diving in Falmouth to finish off Wild Ocean Week and came across this giant barrel jellyfish! What a way to finish off this marine wildlife adventure."

Now Stuart Wilkes and Ian Butler of Chough Productions has shared their video with the Packet, showing what lies below the paddle boarders and kayakers in Falmouth's sea.

Video: Stuart Wilkes and Ian Butler/Chough Productions

They said: "With the water off of Falmouth rich in plankton, it's no wonder these magnificent phylum Cridaria are visiting our shores, soon to be followed by beautiful basking sharks."

Stuart added: "Swimming with these jellyfish is an amazing experience - the serene feeling you get with these scyphomedusa.

"We are so lucky to have this beautiful sea life happening on our coastal doorstep."

The largest jellyfish found in UK seas, most people don't get to encounter a barrel jellyfish unless they wash ashore.

They are attracted inshore by plankton blooms, which give a plentiful supply of food.

Usually they only grow to around one metre in length - roughly the size of a dustbin lid, which gives them their other common name of 'dustbin-lid jellyfish'.