Rainbows are a familiar sight in the sky when rain turns to sun but one early morning walker at Praa Sands was amazed to see something altogether more rare this week – a white rainbow.

Lorna Loveday, who captured the sight at around 6.45am, described it as “very magical” to be greeted with the phenomenon on the first early morning walk of her holiday.

She had returned to the village for a few days, having lived there for more than 25 years before moving away.

Lorna said: “It was an extraordinary sight.

“Having lived in Praa Sands for over 25 years, being able to look out on the bay from the house and visiting the beach virtually every morning and evening, rain or shine, I had never seen one before.

“It was a wonderful welcome after being away for so long.”

This is The West Country:

The white rainbow captured at Praa Sands by Lorna Loveday

A white rainbow is also known as a fog bow, because – as the name suggests – they appear in fog rather than rain.

The very small size of the water droplets in fog – less than 0.05mm in diameter – means the bows have only weak colours, often with a red outer edge and a blue tinted inner edge.

However, when the droplets are especially small, fog bows appear completely white.