More details have been given as to why Falmouth Minor Injuries Unit has been closed to new patients for the rest of the day.

A member of the public reported that they had been told the unit was now shut to any more patients today and anyone needing treatment should go to Newquay Minor Injuries Unit.

This was despite the NHS waiting times website showing at that point that the Falmouth department was ‘open’, with five patients waiting to be seen and a wait time of one hour 43 minutes.

A spokesperson for the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has now contacted the Packet to give more details about the reason for today’s closure.

She said that the trust had two grades of minor injury unit, depending on their size and how busy they were overall.

When one of the busier units required more staff to cope with demand, these were transferred from the less busy units – which is what had happened today.

With Newquay Minor Unit needing extra help, staff from Falmouth had been transferred over there, resulting in the early closure of facilities in Falmouth.

She said: “We will flex the staff, to make sure these busier, bigger units are open. That’s what’s happening here.

“Falmouth closing earlier is supporting Newquay to stay open.”

The spokesperson confirmed that the Falmouth department would be back open again as usual tomorrow morning.