A Penryn architects' firm is using virtual reality (VR) technology to help people to design their dream homes.

Märraum, based in Jubilee Warehouse, is inviting people to an event on Thursday July 25 that will allow them to don a pair of high-tech goggles and immerse themselves in a virtual three-dimensional architect's design.

Adam Laskey, the company's director, said: “I’m an absolute advocate of using VR technology in the design process. I‘ve seen first hand so many times how it helps clients to envisage their new space before a build even begins.

“Using our VR headset lets you see things you just couldn’t pick up from 2D plans and drawings and shows like Your Home Made Perfect are showing that very clearly too.

"We’re holding this event so that anyone who is even vaguely interested in remodelling their home or building a new one can come and experience the capabilities of the technology and talk to the team about their potential project.”

The firm uses VR technology as standard on every project they undertake. It has seen a recent increase in enquiries and interest following the screening of programmes such as the BBC's Your Home Made Perfect, where VR headsets are used to show clients the visions of two rival architects.

The event will take place at Märraum's offices in Studio J at Jubilee Warehouse between 4pm and 7pm on Thursday July 25.

For more information visit: marraum.co.uk/blog/vr-event/.