Votes for this month's Pub of the Year category – Real Ale Pub – have been tallied up and we are delighted to announce that The Seven Stars is the winner.

The ales were sampled by our mystery reviewer who thoroughly enjoyed the local offerings.

They said: "There is a wide choice and all are gravity-fed straight from the barrel, producing a less gassy drink. The staff know their beers and the pub has a historic feel and atmosphere to it as well."

The Packet caught up with landlady Amy Bennetts to deliver the news and hear about some of the rich history behind one of the town's oldest drinking establishments.

The Seven Stars is said to have opened in 1660, one year before Falmouth received its royal charter, meaning that the pub is officially older than the town itself.

This is The West Country:

Amy is the seventh generation Bennett to take up her place behind the bar.

Amy said: "I knew at four years old that's where I wanted to be, standing with my granddad behind the bar. I loved being here and growing up in the pub."

Amy says that "it's important to keep tradition going," and she would be happy if her four-week-old son George one day decided to take the reins.

As for the renowned gravity-fed ale that has allowed The Seven Stars to be crowned this month's winner, Amy says: "Our beers are served straight from the cask. We've got a good set-up behind the bar.

"I think it's good because we don't have them through the hand pull, we're sticking to tradition and serving beer the way god intended it to be served."

She said: "You have got a lot of pubs taken over by big corporations and they rip the heart out of it. Tradition is going out of the window unfortunately.

This is The West Country:

"Hopefully this is the way it will stay. [Our regulars] think it's theirs. We have got customers that have seen five generations of the family and they're part of the furniture. It's their home."

Although there have been some changes in recent years including a new gin bar, Amy is not in any rush to renovate the beloved building.

She said: "There's not much I can change, and nor would I."

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