The "fiercely independent" owners of a highly-anticipated new restaurant due to open this summer have described their vision for an adventurous eatery that caters to a diverse crowd.

Work is currently underway to transform the former site of The Watermans in Fish Strand Quay to an airy harbourside eatery with an open-plan kitchen and wide range of offerings at different price points.

Co-owner Simon Clark, who was born in Launceston, has developed a keen sense of what consumers want from an establishment.

In recent years he has noticed a "demand for more flexible dining" from customers who might not have the desire to dine traditionally.

He said: "Not everybody will want to spend £25 in the restaurant, some people will visit us several times during the day."

To cater to this crowd, Indidog will offer a patisserie, a grab and go menu and a 'crew pot' – a sub-£10 stew available throughout the day – as well as an evening menu.

He said: "Locals as well as tourists, I think, want to experience a good restaurant on the harbour and I think we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn't do that."

Speaking about working with chefs Steve Morey and Michelin-starred Paul Ripley, Simon described the "sensational, delicious food" that will be on offer.

He said: "Every time I taste something of Paul or Steve's I say 'I knew what it was going to be, but that flavour is phenomenal.'"

Simon and Vanessa have undertaken a thorough re-vamp of the Watermans building in Fish Strand Quay and are very nearly ready to launch Indidog.

The restaurant will have stunning views over the harbour with plenty of natural light and an eight-metre open plan kitchen "where the theatre of food will be seen".

As for the team behind it all, Simon said: "From the building team right through to the team we are hiring as staff, it's local."

Hoping to "create a place that offers support" for young chefs, Simon said: "We have always talked about how we wanted a team that can progress. If we can be the stepping stones for that, that's brilliant."

With an official opening date yet to be announced, Simon told the Packet that Indidog will open this summer.

Having worked their way up through the industry, the couple are keen to assure people that "there's a price point for everybody".

Simon said: "We're independent, doing it ourselves. It's how we do things. We're fiercely independent. That's our ethos."