Returning for a second year as mayor of Helston, John Martin said the town was "hungry for creativity and invention."

Mr Martin was officially sworn in for a second term on Tuesday, at a mayor making ceremony in the Guildhall that also saw Tim Grattan-Kane return as deputy mayor.

Mr Martin said he was "honoured and humbled" to return to the position for another 12 months and said the year ahead contained much to be excited about.

Mr Martin told invited guests: "We have hard work ahead of us as we take on more responsibility. We will be relying more and more on the community to achieve our goal for a successful and vibrant town.

"I am proud to be chair of this town council, which is made up of extremely committed individuals who are all intent on helping this town to move forward and to prepare for the future.

"Changes are needed - and sometimes change is hard to accept. However, it is our job to encourage the whole of the town to become responsible for their own futures and not to be complacent.

"We have ideas, but we are hungry for more creativity and invention. We are intent on involving as much of the residents and businesses as possible, to contribute to a future for our families."

He paid tribute to a number of successful projects in the town, including the South Kerrier Alliance taking on Coronation Park, development finally taking place on Helston Business Park after 15 years and the formation of the new Helston CIC.

He also praised the work of the town's churches, schools, food bank, charities - including the Poppy Appeal with its record collection last year - hospital, sports club Flora Day Association, Rotary clubs and Lions club.

"As we move into the next decade let's all get involved with this positive way forward," he added.