I am writing to air my views on this years’ children’s dance.

As with every year, the band's performance was fantastic and so were most of the dancers.

However, it is becoming more obvious each year that there are more and more children wearing cream/yellow dresses rather than the traditional white dress.

To me, and many others I am sure, it isn’t difficult to ensure a dress is white rather than any other colour.

Those dancing in the wrong coloured dresses stuck out like sore thumbs and as far as I am concerned is completely ruining a truly lovely, traditional day. I heard many comments about this from those around me on the day. For those who have bought dresses for their children, my advice would be to hold a piece of white paper against it to check the colour, it’s really not difficult.

The other grumble I have is not just the colour of the dresses but the style and length of those dancing from Helston Community College.

I am not a prude in any way shape or form but some of the dresses were that tight, they looked like they had been painted on and were so short you could almost see what they were wearing underneath.

I do not blame any of the schools for children wearing inappropriate dresses but the parents who almost certainly, in most cases would have bought these for their children.

Flora Day is a traditional day and is being spoilt by people not bothering to adhere to the required dress code.

For those who complain about the cost of dresses and the need to buy online etc, look out for second hand dresses which are for sale in the months leading up to Flora Day.


A Helstonian