Muggers rob man in daylight attack

By Helen Thomas

A FALMOUTH man was left winded and with a 'dead leg' after he was viciously attacked and robbed by three men in broad daylight only metres from houses on Friday afternoon.

The mugging is the second violent attack in Falmouth within a week. On Bank Holiday Saturday a woman was sexually assaulted as she walked along a coastal path at Swanpool.

Only four weeks ago another young man was attacked and mugged as he walked along Cliff Road in Falmouth in the early hours of the morning, but police believe there is no connection between this attack and the one last week.

Friday's robbery happened between 3.30pm and 3.45pm, which is an extra cause for concern among the police.

Det Con Jon Quick said; "We are keen to catch these people as soon as possible. It is not something we like to see happening on the streets of Falmouth."

The 25-year-old victim, who has not been named, was walking along Pellew Road towards the Dracaena Avenue end when he took a small lane which runs behind the Four Winds pub.

As he reached the head of the lane he heard footsteps behind him and turned around to see three men. He did not pay much attention and continued walking down the lane.

The footsteps disappeared, but as the man got halfway down the lane he heard them again. As he turned around he was struck with something flexible which wrapped around his body and winded him.

The man doubled up and was then struck several times around his body and legs before being pinned down by someone kneeling on the small of his back. His pockets were searched and the robbers stole his wallet which contained some cash.

The three muggers then ran off, but before doing so one of them 'deadened' the victim's leg so he could not give chase.

Family shoe shop to be sold after 100 years

By Helen Thomas

A FAMILY business that has served the people of Penryn for over 100 years will come to an end when John Collins retires and sells his shoe shop in the centre of town.

Mr Collins has run the business in Penryn's Market Street for almost 30 years, but has now decided to call it a day because of ill health.

It was Mr Collins' grandfather who founded the business in the early 19th century. He learned the trade of shoemaker in Plymouth and then moved to Penryn where he made shoes for local people.

He then handed the business over to Mr Collins' father, who was the youngest of 12 children. The business reverted to a cobblers shop in the early part of this century because of the spread of multiple chains of shoe shops.

After working alongside his father for 10 years, Mr Collins took over the business in 1965 when his father retired.

Imports of shoes from Spain and Italy at competitive prices made it possible for Mr Collins to once again revert the business to a shoe shop and customers came from all over the county.

The tradition of the Collins family in Penryn's town centre will come to an end when the shops are finally sold. Mr Collins has instructed berry and Co to find a buyer as soon as possible.

Estates are 'shanty towns' claim

FALMOUTH'S council estates are turning into 'shanty towns' as money is spent on sprucing up the tourism areas of town, claimed a resident at the annual parish meeting this week.

Falmouth Town Council threw open the doors of the council chamber on Monday night as residents of the town were invited to quiz councillors at the annual meeting. Only four members of the public turned up, but Mr Ronald Simpson, of The Beacon, kept councillors occupied for quite some time with several questions.

"Why do we have a ring of posts up on The Beacon around the children's playground and no fence?" he asked.

"It has been like that for the last nine months. Why has it been left like that – an unsafe playground where children are 50 yards from the main road?"

Mr Simpson continued: "Why is so much cash from the rates being directed to the seafront for tourism at the expense of local people who live on rundown council estates?

"Why is the cash being found for flowerbeds and expensive stonework and local children have to play on a dog-fouled rubbish dump with no safety fence?

"Is Falmouth becoming a top show holiday resort at the expense of rundown council estates? Local estates are turning into shanty towns."

In response councillor George Greene said: "You will be pleased to hear Carrick is about to spend three-quarters of a million pound on houses on The Beacon. That work is about to start."