It's an exciting start to the week for the four Helstonians who have been revealed today as leading this year's Early Morning and Evening Dances on Flora Day.

Heading up the set will be Aaron Lander and Emma Stringer.

Aaron and Emma were second lead couple back in 2016 and have now been promoted to the front spot.

This is The West Country:

Aaron Lander and Emma Stringer pictured when they were second lead in 2016

Flora Day has always been a special day for Aaron, who became engaged to his wife Ruby in the gardens of Lismore on that day before going on to name their daughter Lily, after the lily of the valley worn by all dancers.

They will be immediately followed this year by Ben Head and Natalie Bunt.

The foursome will have the honour of getting Flora Day started when the beat of the bass drum coincides with the first strike of the Guildhall clock at 7am.

They they return at 5pm to finish the day's dancing.

A full interview with the lead couples will appear in this week's Helston Packet.