Cornwall Council has called on the government for “action…not just words” after revealing that the county only receives half the funding that other areas of England get.

The authority has backed government’s proposals to now simplify how funding is allocated, but said that “greater clarity and assurance” was needed to address why Cornwall was getting up to 48 per cent less money than other parts of the country.

Responding to a government consultation about funding allocation in general, Deputy leader of Cornwall Council Julian German said: “Government’s intention to simplify the current system, under the Relative Needs and Business Rates Reform, is a great start to allocating fair funding.

“However, we need greater clarity and a fuller understanding of how much government funding we will receive next year, and beyond. We need action to address this situation, not just words.

“In recent years, continued cuts in government funding mean a greater burden has fallen on local tax payers. If this is to continue, we believe a comprehensive review of both the council tax and business rates systems are required, not just a review on the allocation of government funds.

“The current proposals are a step in the right direction, but we will remain relentless in standing up for Cornwall and demanding fairer funding so we are able to continue to provide vital services.

"We should not be missing out on essential government funding for services due to where we live and out of date bureaucracy.”