Think of a creature associated with the law and a ‘legal eagle’ might spring to mind, but it was a beast of the sea rather than the sky making a splash for one Falmouth solicitor yesterday.

Mark Buswell, a partner with Nalders Solicitors who manages the firm’s Falmouth office, spotted a small pod of dolphins frolicking in the water of the River Fal.

This is The West Country:

The dolphins were playing in the River Fal. Photo: Mark Buswell

He took these photographs while on his ferry journey to St Mawes to meet a client.

Posting them to its Facebook account , the company said: “Another amazing reason to love working in Cornwall.”

The creature’s distinctive ‘beaked’ facial shape can be seen in one photo, distinguishing it from its similar looking marine counterpart, the porpoise.

This is The West Country:

Mark Buswell had been on a ferry to St Mawes when he took these pictures.