Acclaimed Mexican psych rock duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete will be returning to Falmouth in the new year to celebrate the release of their new album De Facto, which is out on January 11.

The date at The Fish Factory in Penryn on January 16 is part of a UK tour and will be the third time this unique sounding husband and wife two-piece will have played gigs in the area.

Previous shows were at Verdant Brewery and Beerwolf Books in Falmouth.

Their touring band includes Italians Andrea Davì, of Mamuthones, and Fernando Nuti, from the New Candys.

The album, their fifth, was recorded at their home studio in Baja, California.

It will be available in the UK and Europe via Sonic Cathedral.

They say it’s easily their best and most coherent album to date, and also the one that fully explores the outer limits of their sound.

“There was a conscious desire to push further with what we were doing,” says The Obsolete, aka Alberto González.

“One of our rules for this album was to go all in without middle grounds in terms of what we wanted the songs to be. We were committed to developing ideas that made our heads go ‘POW!’ from the beginning.”

The end result is somewhere between brave experimentation and avant-pop put through a heavy psych filter.

There are pure pop songs that come across like lost ’60s nuggets (‘Líneas En Hojas’), blistering white noise jams (‘Unificado’) and meditative incantations (‘La Maga’) – all of which will, indeed, make heads go ‘POW!’.

Who: Lorelle and the Obsolete

Where: The Fish Factory, Commercial Road, Penryn.

When: January 16, 2019

Time: 8pm

Tickets:, they are also on sale with See Tickets: