Police logs of crashes between 1999 and 2017 have revealed the most dangerous roads in Falmouth, Penryn, Helston and the surrounding areas.

There were more fatal incidents on the A394 between the Treliever roundabout and Penzance than on any other road in the area, with 24 incidents where one or more people died on the 22.3 mile stretch.

This is perhaps not surprising as it is also the longest road, but out of those 24, 14 fatal crashes took place on the nine miles between Helston and the Treliever roundabout, and six of them took place within just 1.5 miles of each other between Long Downs and the Treliever roundabout.

The 1.7 mile stretch between Sithney and Breage was one of the deadliest sections of the A394, where four fatal collisions took place.

The A39 is the second deadliest road in the area, where 16 fatal incidents took place within 10 miles of one another.

Four of those 16 took place on the 1.3 miles between the Hillhead and Kernick roundabouts.

Dracaena Avenue, which saw three pedestrians struck by cars in October, is the deadliest road in Falmouth with three fatal collisions taking place since 1999 within just one mile.

The B3292 between Exchequer Quay in Penryn and the Treluswell roundabout was the scene of four fatal incidents that all happened within 1.7 miles of each other.

In Helston, the A3083 between Flambards and the Culdrose roundabout leading to the Lizard had a shocking six fatal incidents which took place within just 1.5 miles of each other.

The data was collected by crashmap.co.uk, and a full interactive map of road traffic collisions can be viewed on their website.