Friday proved to be busy for RNLI lifeguards at Perranporth as they rescued a total of 14 people throughout the course of the day.

The lifeguards were called to save several bathers who were dragged out of their depth by a particularly large set of waves, which caused a sudden and short lived flash rip current between the red and yellow flagged safe swimming area.

Luckily some of the lifeguards were training in the water at the time and saw the events unfolding, and George Haynes and Mitch Coldicutt launched the inshore rescue boat (IRB) and began pulling people on board three at a time, rescuing six people, all aged between 17 and 19.

At the same time, RNLI lifeguard James Kirton paddled over on the rescue board and picked up a male from the rip current, before bringing him safely back to shore.

Other people caught in the rip managed to make their way safely back to shore, with lifeguards Ben Gardiner and Andrew Byatt paddling on rescue boards alongside them, keeping them calm and advising them to keep their feet on the ground and walk parallel to the shore.

George was also called that day to use a rescue board to help two other people swept out to sea, including a man who had been dragged 200 metres out by the strong current.

And throughout the day Chris was called to pick up five people on the rescue water craft after they had been dragged out to sea by strong offshore winds.

George said: "When visiting the beach this summer it’s important to remember to stay between the red and yellow flags. 

"If you do become caught in a rip current, stay calm and if you can stand, wade. 

"Raise your hand and shout for help loudly and the lifeguards will quickly come to help."