Spring is here, a time not just for fluffy chicks and woolly lambs, but also for wild creatures such as foxcubs.

One such baby is Frank, a ten day old cub found recently by the side of a road near Falmouth and saved by vets, who is now being looked after by Gary and Alyson Zammit, of Feadon Farm near Portreath.

Gary recently brought Frank to an open day at Trebah Gardens, run by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and with his tiny paws and half opened eyes he proved to be the star attraction come feeding time.

While the tiny cub may be cute, Gary underlined the fact that foxes are wild animals, not pets, and cannot be domesticated.

He said the best thing for anyone finding an injured animal, be it a fox, badger, or bird, is to call a vet who will be best equipped to deal with the casualty.