HUNDREDS of people in Taunton joined in the weekly applause for key workers at 8pm last night (Thursday).

There was clapping, whistling, car horns hooting - and saucepans bashed by spoons.

Pauline Holden, a member of Killams and Mountfields Coronavirus Community Help group, is lacking a kitchen utensil today after her efforts.

She said: "I broke my spoon for the key workers at 8pm! Well done Kingsway 6-18 and the whole of Killams and Mountfields."

Also banging his saucepan a bit too vigorously was another Tauntonian, Richard Eastman.

He said: "Great response by all. We're now down a wooden spatula. Time to get carving."

Don't forget to join in next Thursday's applause for key workers at 8pm