A PENSIONER and his 94-year-old mum are putting a brave face on adjusting to self isolating at home.

Dot Edwards and her son Geoffrey, 71, fear they could be stuck at home in north Taunton for months before the coronavirus crisis subsides.

They are staying in all day every day and no-one is allowed into the house to visit.

They say they are indebted to the kindness of neighbours, which is helping to see them through.

"We've just got to take it on board," said Geoffrey.

"We've been told to do it, so we have to abide by what they say.

"But it's the sudden shock of it all."

The two relieve the boredom by watching television, while Geoffrey is doing a lot of hoovering to keep fit.

"The house is really clean, but the carpets are getting a bit threadbare," he quipped.

"The neighbours are very helpful and have done the shopping for us, which we really appreciate.

"It's given us a real boost, which is reassuring. Thank you so much to them.

"I miss going out for a couple of pints on Fridays and socialising with people in town.

"Fingers crossed the crisis will eventually end. But the important thing is to not let it get you down, to keep happy."

Mother-of-eight Dot said: "What's happening is absolutely terrible. It hangs over you.

"We're keeping safe and Geoffrey's looking after me very well.

"I miss my fish and chips which he normally brings me, but the neighbours have been wonderful by doing shopping and other chores."