HOPE has arrived at a Somerset zoo farm.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm has welcomed a new arrival after five-year-old zebra, Polly, gave birth to a new stripy baby.

Born on March 19, amid the current fears, the new girl brought smiles to the faces of visitors on the zoo’s last day of opening before the Coronavirus closure.

She will live in the zebra enclosure and joins her father, Zebedee, the rest of the dazzle, including another young zebra called Sprout, who was born in December 2019.

Keepers decided on the name Hope, to signify to all our visitors and staff that there is still hope that things will return to normal.

Senior keeper, Emma Ogborne, said: "The news around the world has been dominated by the Coronavirus and when Hope arrived safely into the world, she brought so much happiness to the whole zoo team. That's when we knew we had to call her Hope."

New-born foals are born with their stripes, although they are brown and white.

The stripes will turn to black as the young zebra gets older.

Grant’s Zebra, a subspecies of Plain’s Zebras, are registered as Near Threatened on the IUCN red list.