ON the day Tesco opened up early for NHS workers to do their shopping, these were the scene at the store in Castle Street, Taunton.

The store opened at 9am for NHS staff to browse for an hour before the tills opened.

The doors were then opened at 9.30pm for other members of the public.

Scores of shoppers milled around the aisles within touching distance of each other, ignoring Government advice on social distancing.

An NHS nurse, who asked not to be named, said: "People say they are grateful for what we're doing.

"This is no way to show gratitude. It was utter madness.

"It's one sure way of spreading Coronavirus when we're all being told to do everything we can to stop it.

"If members of the public say they're proud of their NHS staff and what we're doing, then they should heed the advice - otherwise they'll end up infecting us and there won't be many of us left to care for them."

Photos; Craig Stone.