WORK is progressing on a complex of 88 assisted living extra care apartments in Paul Street, Taunton.

Developers Affordable Housing and Healthcare Group - formerly Quantum - have already had enquiries about the homes for people aged over 55 on the site of the former Quantock House, which was demolished in 2017.

The AHH site manager said: "Building work has started from the ground up, and great progress has been made.

"The concrete frame is being erected, and the next stage is for the first floor columns to be added.

"We anticipate that the building will have reached floor level eight by the summer, after which time the focus will be on the fitting out and interiors.

"We are mindful of our immediate neighbours, and it is great to see so many local people passing by stopping to look at the construction work.

"We have had a lot of interest too from people enquiring about the apartments."