EDF is considering options to employ hundreds more additional workers for Hinkley C as the project approaches peak construction.

EDF's head of stakeholder engagement David Eccles spoke at Stogursey Parish Council's meeting this week, stating that EDF was investigating its options for increasing the number of workers on site.

EDF and Mr Eccles have refused to be drawn on how many additional employees might be required at this stage, however chairman of Stogursey Parish Council Chris Morgan said he felt the village was 'already at capacity'.

"It is all quite up in the air at moment which is not helpful," Mr Morgan said.

"Buses and coaches travelling to and from the site are constant and when you drive through the village you are having to stop half a dozen times.

"I feel that any increase in the number of workers will cause us a great deal of grief.

"We are at capacity now. We have heard that the maximum number of workers on site could increase by more than 1,000 and if that were the case it will have a big impact on our community and the surrounding area."

EDF said there were ongoing discussions with the local authorities but it was far too early to confirm the direction or any numbers.

A spokesperson for EDF said: “As Hinkley Point C moves into the next and more complex phase of construction, the project is looking in detail at the composition of its workforce and when they need to be on site. "These studies will be done in close contact with Local Authorities and we hope to have identified a number of options during the year.

"This will allow any impact on the local community to be identified and addressed.

"More information will shared with the local community when it is available.”