FIRE crews struggled to reach a woman and HER DOG who were left stranded after driving into flood water.

Firefighters from Martock and Crewkerne were sent to help the driver, who had got stuck at South Petherton at around 6.15pm.

However, the Crewkerne fire engine found it was cut off from the scene by rising flood waters - and had to turn back.

But the Martock crew was able to reach the stranded vehicle.

"Once on scene, our Martock crew made contact with the lady in her vehicle, confirming both herself and her dog were okay and did not require medical attention, before donning water safety equipment to wade through the water," said a Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson.

"At 6.45pm, they had helped her out of the vehicle and were walking back to dry land."

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After the rescue, the crew waited with her until a family member arrived on scene.

"A road closure was put in place to ensure no other vehicles were able to enter the water and get stranded also," the spokesperson added.

The incident came after a number of drivers got into difficulty on Somerset roads.

On Thursday (February 13), crews rescued a driver from the roof of a vehicle at Donyatt after they got stuck in floods.