SOMERSET has been listed in the top-ten places where you're most likely to be victim of a motor theft.

Data from Co-op Insurance shows UK motor thefts have increased by 34 per cent since 2013.

The data reveals that people living in Surrey are the most likely to fall victim to motor theft, followed by those living in Glasgow, Dorset and Bristol.

Somerset ranks in at number eight on the list.

The insurer’s claims data also identifies makes of vehicles most likely to be targeted, with Dodge vehicles proving to be the most popular choice for thieves, followed by Land Rovers and Audis3.

Most common car makes being targeted by criminals:

1. Dodge

2. Land Rover

3. Audi

4. Mercedes-Benz

5. Infiniti

6. BMW

7. Toyota

8. Porsche

9. Ford

10. Alfa Romeo

Nick Ansley, head of motor at Co-op Insurance, said: “It’s really important that people take measures to protect their own vehicles against theft and look out for others.

“Taking simple precautions such as parking in well-lit areas, avoiding dark streets and not leaving items on display can help to prevent your vehicle being targeted.”

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of neighbourhood watch, said: “At Neighbourhood Watch we believe that building strong communities where neighbours look out for each other is key to crime prevention.

“It’s concerning that so many people would choose to ignore a car alarm when this, as well as other actions such as parking under a street light, can reduce the likelihood of being a victim of car crime. It’s times like these that communities need to stick together and look out for one another.”