YOU may have noticed something very different about the front and back pages of your County Gazette this week.

The Liberal Democrat party has taken out a full wrap-around advertisement ahead of next week's General Election.

I would just like to make clear that this should, in no way, be taken as an indication of preference for ANY candidate from your County Gazette.

We have been and will continue to be completely neutral throughout the campaign.

We aim to bring you coverage that is representative of candidates' views, without fear or favour.

I can understand why some might view such adverts with scepticism - and I would share it.

Believe me, if a law was introduced tomorrow prohibiting such advertising, I would not be disappointed.

But no such law exists. The Liberal Democrats are perfectly entitled to take out an advert, just as the other parties are - and in fact have in many parts of the country.

There is no rule against such adverts.

In a world so full of information - and disinformation - your County Gazette will not indulge the spin of party officials, or candidates themselves, we will simply try and bring you the facts, as best we can.

This election campaign, perhaps more than any other, has highlighted the need for us all to be aware of the potential for misleading information to distort our views.

From Facebook ads to false fact-checking Twitter accounts, lookalike leaflets to baloney bar graphs, I would urge you to check every sensational claim you come across before deciding something is 'true', or represents your views.

Nothing is more important.


NOTE: If you are so inclined, below are links to the manifestos of the parties standing in Taunton Deane.

I would urge you to have a read...