THE latest twist in the Brexit saga comes, appropriately, courtesy of an Oliver.

Sir Oliver Letwin became a household name overnight after putting forward an amendment to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal which was passed by MPs on Saturday.

For some, the move is sensible, giving the time needed to scrutinise The Prime Minister's deal, for others it is the latest attempt at sabotaging Brexit.

Here Bridgwater and West Somerset MP Ian Liddell-Grainger gives us his reaction to Saturday's drama.

Mr Liddell-Grainger writes: "The TV adverts are still crystal clear. Every Government Minister continues to repeat the date with absolute certainty.

"Even the leaders of the European Union have their calendars marked and ready, because on October 31, Britain will leave the EU.

"Or will we?

"A horrible dose of doubt has now been injected into the whole sorry process by the latest bizarre turn of events in the House of Commons.

"The Prime Minister did a deal good enough for Brussels to smile about and fair enough to satisfy the most extreme Brexiteers in his own party.

"Even some Labour MPs are now prepared to vote for it.

"The fact that a deal could be achieved at all is, in many ways, a vindication of the PM’s tactics since he took on the top job.

"Saturday’s special session of Parliament was meant to be Mr Johnson’s chance to get the new agreement settled and over the line.

"Instead a peculiar amendment was passed which appears to slow everything down again.

"It is another maddening muddle which is very hard to explain and almost impossible to excuse.

"Most of us have had enough bickering, name-calling, disputes and disappointments to last a lifetime.

"The Brexit saga has dragged on far too long.

"I know many hard-working Bridgwater business leaders who are fuming at the uncertainty.

"They cannot plan for a future or help to create new jobs if the House of Commons continues to play ping-pong with an issue that should have been sorted three years ago.

"It is high time Parliament’s remainers and refuseniks swallowed their objections and recognised the reality.

"The European Union is fed up with delay. The people are furious. The uncertainty must not be allowed to go on.

"Halloween is fast approaching. I would much rather that this date is remembered as an historic milestone rather than another wasted opportunity.

"The Prime Minister has had to compromise. The EU has also given ground.

"It is Parliament’s turn to show a similar spirit in the national interest."

NOTE: Comments have been removed from this story after repeated libellous allegations.