PARENTS are being urged to 'be curious' about what young people have in their rooms after a knife, knuckleduster and drugs were seized.

PC Sam Donati, who works throughout Minehead, posted on social media a number of items were taken from a 'local youth' by PC Sanderson after concerns were expressed at school.

The young person is set to be interviewed by police soon.

PC Donati said: "There's no excuse to have these kind of things.

"Knives like this are intended for one purpose only.

"The law is due to change shortly making possession of such 'zombie' knives and knuckledusters anywhere, public or private, an offence."

PC Donati says any items like these can be handed into the police station, to avoid anyone getting hurt.

He said: "What have your young people got in their rooms? Be curious.

"The consequences of carrying weapons in public can be huge. Wave something like this around in public and expect to be dealt with forcefully.

"Get rid of them, when a knife is used in anger two lives can be wasted.

"Feel free to hand such items in at the Police Station for destruction."