OUTRAGED parents claim they have witnessed people queuing up to buy drugs from a dealer and then injecting themselves outside a Taunton primary school.

They say the users then discard their dirty needles inside and outside the grounds of Priorswood Primary School.

Police have been called on a number of occasion, but officers arrive after the culprits have left, one mother alleged.

Sarah James, whose home in Wedlands backs onto a field bordering the school, said: "A person will come up on a bike, he gets on the phone and they all appear.

"We watched them almost forming a queue to get their fix and my daughter can then see them injecting themselves from her bedroom window.

"My partner found a medical supply bag with a cooking spoon, needles and syringe - everything you need to inject drugs.

"The children should be able to go to the fields on their bikes to play, but we have to keep them indoors because of this.

"It isn't nice being hooked on drugs, but taking them outside a primary school and on a field where kids play isn't great."

People in the area have set up a Facebook page to inform each other of any drug-related issues.

They say they call the police when they see any illegal activity, but the offenders are gone by the time officers arrive.

Helen Marks, whose two children attend Priorswood Primary School, said: "It's a massive problem.

"We're finding dirty needles on the driveway outside the school gates and sometimes thrown over the hedge, into the school forest area and into the stream nearby.

"Parents are having to check for needles every day and clear them up. They get chucked in the bushes where the children like to play.

"We have to keep the children away. We tell them the people are naughty and the things they leave behind are poisonous.

"There's a group of them doing it. It's quite intimidating.

"Some of the parents have started reacting to the users - one told them to disappear and get some respect on Monday. They just said they were waiting for a taxi."

Priorswood School headteacher Carly Ellis said: "As a school, we are aware of the growing parental concerns around a possible increase in drug use near the school site.

"Where we have had concerns, we have raised these with the police and have urged parents to do the same. We can reassure parents that the school site is checked thoroughly on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the children in our care."

An Avon and Somerset Police spokeswoman said: "Neighbourhood police are aware of reported issues of drug use around Priorswood School in Taunton.

"Officers are targeting patrols around the school at relevant times and as the recent closure order obtained for a flat in Ladysmith House shows, tackling drug crime is a priority for local officers.

"We'd encourage parents and residents to report any issues as it happens by calling 999 immediately.

"While officers may not always be able to attend straight away, the information will be used to help target patrols and bid for resources.

"Somerset West and Taunton Council will collect drug litter such as used needles which can be reported by calling 0300-3048000."