A TAUNTON teenager on the new series of The Apprentice was the only contestant to win praise from Lord Sugar.

Lottie Lion, 19, was one of eight members of the women's team who beat the men in the first episode of the hit BBC1 progamme that aired last night.

Her team was sent to a vineyard in Cape Town with the remit of organising a wine tasting event.

Lottie didn't take long to fall out with other women in the team after being overlooked to lead the task, using her knowledge of wine.

There were signs of trouble ahead when she said at the outset: "I can be quite vindictive in business. Sometimes I wonder if I have gone too far - but nothing in business is too far."

She then had a contretemps with fellow candidate Lubna Farham, who accused Lottie of interrupting.

Lottie's retort was that she was "contributing", not interrupting, and she snapped: "Don't be so rude."

She later had a stand up argument with Carina Lepore, telling her: "I know more about wine than you do."

At one stage during the wine tasting event, the team got lost, causing confusion among their clients - and a putdown from Lord Sugar, who likened it to a scene from Benny Hill.

Lottie later said: "We got off to a really bad start, but I like to think I have pulled it together.

“I do think I should have been the team leader due to what you have seen here.”

Lubna was to accuse Lottie of trying to be "the centre of attention".

Lubna said: “First she stiches people up, then she makes out like she’s saved the day. But she hasn’t, she’s stitched everyone up.”

Lottie in turn labelled Lubna “incredibly difficult to work with,” adding caustically: "I don’t think I will have to deal with her for very long.”

This is The West Country:

At least the women fared slightly better than the men's team, who messed up a safari experience.

And Lottie earned a compliment from Lord Sugar, who told the women's team: "I heard that she did quite a good job.

“In fact if it wasn’t for her you would be right in the Shiraz I think.”

 Lord Sugar later took to social media to tweet: "Lottie is like a fine wine bouquet is (sic) seems she gets up everyone's nose."

Lottie replied: "Thank you Lord Sugar, however as you said, if it weren't for me, 'The girls would be in a lot of Shiraz'."

Coming later this morning - a County Gazette interview with Lottie Lion following last night's episode of The Apprentice.