A COW has defied the odds and sent delighted Somerset farmers over the moooo-n - by giving birth to healthy triplets.

Five-year-old Lakemead Barbara 201 pushed out the 100,000 to one trio to the shock and amazement of Tim and Mary Mead at Yeo Valley's Holt Farm, in Blagdon, two weeks ago.

Sired by Skyhigh Lod, the heifer and two bull calves are all doing well - even if they were born a little small.

Farm manager Jon Wilson said: "They were half the size of an average single calf and weighed about 15kg each.

"Barbara didn't seem much larger than normal before the birth!

"She is a very special lady indeed."

Several people posted their congratulations on Facebook.

One said: "Well done mummy moo! we had a cow have triplets a couple of years ago it's something to celebrate.

Another added: "Fabulous, ensuring yoghurt for another generation!"

A third posted: "I bloody love cows!"

However, one person queried how long the animals would stay with the mother and what would happen after.

Yeo Valley replied online, and said: "Please be assured that all of our animals are raised in accordance with organic standards.

"From the moment any of our calves are born they stay exclusively with their mother for the first few days.

"When a bull calf is born, they are reared for beef."

The National Farmers' Union of Wales estimates the chance of triplet calves being born is one-in-100,000.

Yeo Valley, which also has a major base at Cannington, near Bridgwater, was founded in Blagdon in 1961, with just 35 cows.

It is now a leading farm producing organic yogurt, milk, butter, and more.

The farm breeds its own British Friesians, which they say are are well-suited to their grazing.