GUESTS enjoyed exploring the intriguing art on offer at Trull Memorial Hall in Trull last weekend.

Showcasing his own portfolio of work, Garry Talbot, also known as “Nobody”, ran a London style art show called ONE, from 10am until 4pm on Saturday, September 7.

The art exhibition was based on the work Garry has created from his home in Somerset.

This is The West Country:

He explained that the show was a “3D advert” of his art.

Garry said: “I was very happy with how it went. In 2014, I decided to do two shows – one to learn the basics and the second to prove that it wasn’t just beginners luck.

“This was my second show and it went a lot better, I was more organised and more people attended.

“I think you have to look directly at a piece of artwork to really appreciate it.

This is The West Country:

“I am not from an art background, so now I want to try and network and make a name for myself.

“I would eventually like to do some group shows in Somerset and Exeter and eventually work my way to London.

“Someone asked what was my ultimate goal?

“Well, I want Damien Hirst’s crown.”

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This is The West Country: