HERE Comes the Sun-sational sound of The Beatles, in the form of four fans who decided to create an authentic Beatle’s tribute band.

Formed in 1999 in Liverpool, The Mersey Beatles – Mark Bloor (John), Steven Howard (Paul), Craig McGown (George) and Brian Ambrose (Ringo) – were the resident Beatles’ tribute band at Liverpool’s legendary Cavern Club between 2002-2012 and have now toured the world many times over.

This is The West Country:

Abbey Road

The Mersey Beatles are celebrating 50 years of the Abbey Road album, with a recreation of the entire album during their UK Tour between September and November. They are coming to Yeovil this weekend.

Steven said: “I love Abbey Road for its defiant optimism. It was recorded right in the face of the Beatles break up.

“Despite the issues within the group the music is still positive, and the message is clear from start to finish Come Together... and in The End the love you take is equal to the love you make. It sounds as fresh and positive today as when recorded 50 years ago.”

Craig added: “It’s my favourite Beatles album. They managed to create one of the greatest and most timeless records after possibly the bleakest moment in the band’s history.

“From the turbulence of the Let It Be sessions, just a few months before, was born a body of work which stands as a testament to the band’s unrivalled song writing, musicianship and command of production at a point when they were at their lowest ebb and with bloodied noses.”

This is The West Country:

World Tour

The Mersey Beatles have toured the world many times. This year alone, they have toured America, Europe and Australia – but they can’t wait to come home for their UK tour.

Brian explained that the reaction of the crowd is different in other countries. In America and the UK, they are always ready to party, but it Sweden they are more reserved and are just looking for some entertainment.

This will be The Mersey Beatles 20th anniversary and they all admitted that it has been a bit surreal – they have come so far since playing small gigs in Liverpool, to 600 plus shows at The Cavern Club and now have a world tour.

Mark explained: “It’s been a Long and Winding Road to get to here (do you see what I did there?) but in all seriousness, we absolutely love doing this. To celebrate our 20th anniversary with a world tour is amazing. This has never felt like a job, how could it when you get to go out on stage and play these songs night after night?

“This tour is something unique. Beatles fans don’t get the chance very often, if at all, to hear Abbey Road played live in its entirety. We’re all Beatles fans ourselves, so we are just as excited to be playing these amazing songs as we are to be bringing them to UK audiences.”

This is The West Country:

Everyone loves The Beatles!

The Beatles still remain hugely popular today, and despite the fact that none of the Mersey Beatles were born when they split up, they know that their music is still hugely popular today.

Craig added: “The music is universal, and it still rings true today. It’s got big themes such as peace and love, and I think it speaks to all people. Who doesn’t want peace and love?”

The Mersey Beatles are looking forward to their UK tour – especially when they get the chance to introduce the Beatles to new generations.

They have noticed a lot of young kids coming along to shows, and love being able to share their love of this fab four with all ages.

Steven added: “It’s an amazing thing. We have children of five-years-old to teenagers coming to our gigs and they all like different things.

“To see teenagers getting into the really cool stuff like The White Album and Abbey Road is brilliant and shows The Beatles’ music is timeless. I really can’t see the love affair with The Beatles ever ending.”

The Mersey Beatles tour will be coming to Westlands in Yeovil this Friday, September 13 at 7:30pm. Tickets for the show cost £22.50. To find our more visit