A LOVE of country music and a passion for singing was the start of a fantastic musical career for Sue Lowry.

Following in the footsteps of her idol, Patsy Cline, Sue now performs as Patsy in Patsy Cline and Friends, which is coming to the Regal Theatre in Minehead on September 27.

Sue said: “Patsy was a standout country artist, as well as Dolly Parton. I just loved the feeling that goes into the words, you start to believe every word that Patsy Cline sang.

“I have been dying to go to Nashville and see the Patsy Cline museum, but I haven’t been yet.

“In the UK, audiences tend to know a certain amount of country songs but there are so many unbelievable songs that are out there.

“When I was younger, I even used to put a Patsy Cline CD on before going clubbing.”

This is The West Country:

Sue was brought up in a very musical household – both her parents loved country and rock n’ roll music. As a family, they used to listen to Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Billie Jo Spears, as well as many other talented artists too.

Sue explained: “From an early age my mum said I had a touch of Connie Francis in my voice, I had a complete love for singing.

“The first time I sang was when I was nine and it was with my mum and dad at a kid’s roadshow, I only started getting paid for it when I was 19.

“I’ve still got photos of when I first sang and I was stood dead straight, I used to get shouted at to move more!”

There are so many wonderful modern country artists out there, but Sue still loves the classics and believes there is a nostalgic love for classic country ballads.

Sue said: “I think there has been a progression and now a lot of people are rediscovering traditional country music, i.e. Hank Williams and so on.

“Modern country is too ‘pop’-y for me, but it does appeal to a younger audience.”

Just like Patsy Cline, Sue’s mum also makes her outfits for her. Sometimes Sue will get her outfits from vintage shops, and her mum will embellish them, or she will make outfits from scratch.

As Sue wears one outfit for the first half, but three different outfits for the second half of the show – this keeps her mum very busy.

This is The West Country:

Sue explained: “Mum made my iconic red fringe suit with stars that I wear in the first half of the show – it is made with heavy material, but it hangs lovely.

“My mum is really talented, but I don’t think she would want to make outfits for anyone else, she likes to make things unique for me.”

At the end of the show, Sue sings Sweet Dreams in a white dress, as the last concert that Patsy did, she did the same. The film about Patsy Cline, also ends with this song and a white dress too.

However, Sue’s favourite songs are Why Can’t He Be You, Leavin’ on Your Mind and Faded Love.

Sue said: “With Faded Love, you can hear Patsy’s voice break with emotion. I do get emotional and I don’t think I even realise it until afterwards.

“We have great fun on tour and on stage. We all have great ballads, but we will also have great fun with the five-piece authentic band too – they are just amazing.”

Sue can’t wait for the show and she loves touring with Patsy Cline and Friends. She explained that Ann Makin, the shows promoter, has fantastic organisational skills and will manage to get all members of the show, from all over the UK, to each venue and show on time.

This is The West Country:

Sue added: “I love touring. I keep saying to Ann (boss) that if it wasn’t my living then I would do it for nothing – when you do something you love, it doesn’t feel like work.

“I am really looking forward to performing in Scotland and Ireland and the midlands – there are certain pockets of places that are just exceptional to perform in.

“I love Somerset. Ann will say she will pick me up at 7am, and I will be like ‘oh don’t worry you can pick me up at 4am’!

“Be prepared to enjoy yourself, any country fan will enjoy our show. You are guaranteed a good night and hopefully our love for the show will come across.”

Patsy Cline and Friends will be at The Regal Theatre in Minehead on September 27 at 7:30pm. Tickets cost £18. To book or to find out more visit regaltheatre.co.uk or call 01643 706430.

If you want to see the other tour dates, visit the Facebook page www.facebook.com/patsyclineandfriends/