A MOTHER has told how her daughter's life "flashed before me" as a distracted tractor driver was within inches of running the girl down.

Serrenna Markham said the incident was doubly worrying because it took place on the same stretch of road where a tractor driver caused a grandmother's death by dangerous driving in March 2017.

Mrs Markham had stopped at the crossing in Bridgwater Road, Taunton, with her daughter Annabelle, five, while out walking their two dogs.

"We were at the lights opposite Roman Road and waited after Annabelle pushed the button," said Mrs Markham, of Inner Circle.

"She heard the beep and started to cross.

"But when I looked to make sure the vehicles were stopping at the red light, I saw the tractor driving up the road and suddenly having to do a severe emergency stop.

"I had to pull Annabelle back, otherwise the driver would have hit her. He obviously wasn't looking.

"He didn't seem at all bothered. He stayed in the tractor and just drove off when the lights turned green. He didn't wait to see if Annabelle was OK or to say sorry."

The tractor left a 30-foot skid mark leading up to the lights.

"It was very scary," said Mrs Markham. "People on the other side of the road looked shocked. One woman had her hand on her head.

"My daughter was in tears and said her arm was hurting where I pulled her back. Her life flashed by my eyes.

"It's dreadful that this happened so close to where there was a very serious accident involving a tractor in which a woman died.

"I had to tell Annabelle she hadn't done anything wrong, but it shows you have to pay attention even when you're entitled to cross the road."

Carol Broxholme, of Wellington, who was 59, died as she was driving home from a slimming class when a trailer became detached from a tractor being driven by Jack Retter and smashed into the front of her car.

Retter, who was 19 at the time, was later jailed for 33 months after admitting causing Mrs Broxhome's death by dangerous driving.