A LONG-RUNNING Taunton pre-school is set to close after more than 40 years.

Little Owls Pre-School says it has been forced into closure once again after a new lease couldn't be secured.

Manager, Angie Conibere, says she and her team are 'devastated' to be losing their home.

The pre-school is currently operating from Gipsy Lane in Bishop's Hull but was previously at North Town Primary School.

This is the second time in three years the pre-school has been forced to relocate due to leases not being renewed.

Ms Conibere, who has been working at the pre-school for 30 years of it's 42-year life span, said: "The committee, parents, and staff have done everything in their power to secure new premises, but have not been successful.

"My staff and I feel very sad and devastated that we are losing our 'nest' at the end of term.

"We feel we have let down the children and their families, who will all have to find new childcare from September, as well as staff needing new jobs. "

The team searched for a new place to call home, but due to issues such as planning regulations, Ofsted, and timescales, they were unable to find a suitable place.

The last day at the setting will be on Friday, July 19. Equipment from the pre-school is being sold off to be put to good use.

Ms Conibere added: "We feel we have been an important part of hundreds of children’s early years’ education and feel privileged that parents have entrusted the care of their children with us.

"We have really appreciated all the support we have had from all the many parents over the years, many of whom attended St Johns as children with us and returned to Little Owls with their own children.

"We want to thank everyone for their support on our Facebook page, past and present, and wish them well.

"End of term is going to be very difficult, upsetting and heart-breaking for all especially the staff."