WITH the hot weather and school holidays fast approaching, children are being warned of the dangers of tombstoning in Taunton's River Tone.

A PCSO is advising people not to jump into the river due to fast flows, currents, rocks and other sharp objects.

And he is calling on parents to stress to their children the importance of staying safe.

Taunton-based PCSO Paul Johnson, in a social media post, says: "During this period of prolonged warm weather, the temptation to find a cool river with friends and jump in can be great, but this can also be extremely dangerous.

"We can only advise you, please do not do this - do you know how fast the river flows, what is below the water line, rocks, sharp objects, metals, etc?

"Is it even deep enough, you can get in, but can you get out?

"If the water is colder than you think, you may not be able to swim.

"Parents, please share this advice in particular with your children over the summer holidays so everyone can remain safe and have a good time.

"There are plenty of designated swimming areas that have all the safety equipment. It may be a very small price to pay for staying safe."