TWO women have been presented with special certificates after saving a man’s life on a coach journey two years ago.

Anton Matthews was travelling to London on a Berrys coach in August 2017 when he stopped breathing.

But due to the quick-thinking of two women, his life was saved.

He said: “I got on a coach at 7am in the morning, I was delivering a magnum of Champagne, as you do, but someone noticed I had keeled over.

“It was seven in the morning - I could have just nodded off, but they also noticed I wasn’t breathing.

“They called for help and these two ladies came down from upstairs.

“One of whom is the head of a pre-prep school, she cycles for England, and she also used to be an RF pilot, so she knows how to take control.

“She did amazing. She and another lady Sarah Marshall gave me CPR.

“Next thing I am in hospital out for the count completely, which I was for many days.

“My poor wife was going through the trauma thinking I might not survive, as many people don’t.

“But because of the quick action of those two ladies, they saved my life basically.”

Mr Matthews received mouth to mouth, which kept oxygen in his body, as the ambulance staff were unable to attend.

Mr Matthews said the staff at Musgrove Park Hospital, where he was treated, were ‘amazing’, after a three-day stint in a coma and a further 10 days recovering on the ward.

Mr Matthews close friend suggested applying for certificates from the Royal Humane Society, which award people for acts of bravery in saving a life.

The doctor who was in charge of the ICU at the time was also invited to help honour the life-saving women.

Sarah Marshall and Caroline Williams, his 'angels', were presented with the certificates by Dr Fiona Dempsey, who joined Mr Matthews at Nuffield Health Gym, as he is now a keen gym-goer.

He added: “My key messages after all this would be to encourage people to learn to life-save by going on a course, to watch your diet and eat sensibly, and to exercise. Even a short walk can help.”