MARCH 29 was a day like any other for Aymeric Huguerre, a senior gardener at the Cannington Walled Gardens.

But little known to Aymeric, that was all about to change.

For 82-year-old Brian Cable was in the tea rooms at the venue - and he had suffered a massive heart attack.

Staff rushed to find Aymeric – the site’s first aider – who was mowing a lawn, and he rushed to the scene.

He battled for what he said felt like hours to save Brian’s life.

Several times, he thought he’d lost the battle, but he kept going, giving CPR and hoping for signs that Brian would make it.

The air ambulance arrived to find Brian alive.

Aymeric had saved his life.

He went on holiday the next day, still not knowing whether Brian had pulled through.

But brave Brian did pull through, and last week, ahead of the Pride of Sedgemoor Awards, the pair got together for the first time since that fateful day.

“It was so sudden,” said Aymeric, who lives in Cotford St Luke, with his wife and their two-year-old, with another little one on the way.

“I said ‘are you okay’ and Brian was not sure and then in maybe, a minute, he was gone.

“I just tried to do what I had to do and fortunately, it worked, and that’s great.”

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AWARD: Aymeric receives his Outstanding Award from Richard Brooks, of LocaliQ. PICTURE: Steve Richardson

Brian’s wife, Elise, said later, at the hospital, doctors confirmed what the family knew to be true - that Aymeric had saved Brian’s life.

“He died, a couple of times,” she said. “They said, they had the family together and they said, he will either slip away (that night), or he could come back and not know anything.”

At the Pride of Sedgemoor Awards ceremony on Thursday night, Aymeric received the Outstanding Award - sponsored by LocaliQ - for his efforts that day, which the family will never forget.

Brian and Elise’s daughter, Diane, said: “I think you will always be in our life.

“He deserves this award, and more.

“He’s amazing.”

“You will be our friend forever now,” Elise added.

Brian’s first words when he met Aymeric?

“Thank you for keeping me alive.”

This is The West Country:

FAMILY FRIEND: Aymeric, back, with Elise and Brian Cable and their daughter, Diane. PICTURE: Paul Jones