EMERGENCY services rushed to the beach after reports of a suspected wartime ordnance.

Watchet Coastguard was alerted to the suspected ordnance on West Street Beach on Sunday morning (May 19).

A 3" shell was discovered on the beach, which according to the coastguard, showed evidence of being fired.

A spokesman said: "The police were on scene first with our HM Coastguard Rescue officers arriving a few minutes later who were able to identify the found item as a 3” shell which showed evidence of having been fired, but it was not known if it was still a live explosive or a solid shot for practise.

"The Royal Navy dive clearance team from Devonport we’re tasked to assist, arriving on scene three hours later.

"Having examined the shell, the Royal Navy confirmed it was a 3” solid shot and removed it for safe disposal back at Devonport.

"Following the incident the police, coastguard and Royal Navy personnel returned to the coastguard station at Watchet and had a hot debrief into the incident to capture any lessons identified from the handling of the incident such as reporting, cordons and safety."

"The police and coastguards would like to thank the beach users this morning for their assistance and understanding while the cordon was in place to ensure everyone’s safety."

The coastguard reminded beach goers to dial 999 and ask for the coastguard if they spot anything suspicious on the beach or shoreline.