AS the map of this year's Glastonbury Festival is released - it's time to look at just how big it is.

Geoffrey Prytherch has created a website which lets you impose the outline of Glasto on top of other towns and cities across the country.

The huge site will see more than 100,000 people walk around its grounds during the event, which takes place from June 26-30 next month. 

This is The West Country: MOVING?:The Glastonbury Festival could leave Somerset temporarily

Putting the map over Taunton outlines how big the site is.

The red outline, which only encompasses the main areas of the site and doesn't even include parking or camper van sites, easily engulfs Taunton's Vivary Park, all of the town centre, leading East to Holway and West to Sherford.

This is The West Country:

Moving the map around, it's easily bigger than Cotford St Luke, and nearly covers all of Wellington.

This is The West Country:

On top of Glastonbury itself, the full site wouldn't leave much room around the edge.

This is The West Country:

135,000 people are expected to attend the 2019 event. That is more than the population of Taunton Deane, which stands at 117,423 (ONS, 2017).

The full map of the site has been revealed, featuring a new area named Glastonbury-on-Sea.

This is The West Country:

To try out the interactive map yourself click here.