AROUND 150 sausage dogs are expected to show up at an event in Taunton tomorrow. 

The Pup Up Cafe event is set to take place at The Hideout, Castle Green, on May 11. 

The event sees dogs of the same kind meet to socialise. 

Tickets need to be purchased before hand, which are £5 for those bringing a dog, and £8 for those who are not.

After booking your ticket, dog owners will be given a one-hour slot where a table will be reserved.

The is the first event of its kind for Taunton, following the launch in Exeter earlier this year. 

Marcus Ackford, of Pup Up Cafe, said: "If you are bringing a puppy you will have a table reserved for you for at least an hour of the day.

"Your reserved time slot will be emailed to you prior to the event. Regular humans will have suggested arrival times as to not overcrowd the venue.

"Other than that feel free to hang around - other tables are available at a first come first served basis but it will be very busy."

Each event will focus on a specific breed to ensure the event is suitable for all attendees. 

Mr Ackford added: "Now, it’s all well and good having all kinds of dogs around but when you start mixing St. Bernard’s with Miniature Dachshunds, some things just don’t go to plan.

"Our breed specific events are a great way to meet fellow owners, have a friendly coffee and chat about all things training, personality, breeding and everything in between.

"The photos are always brilliant too, whenever you get 50 of the same breed in the same space it leads to some beautiful photo opportunities."

For more information or to get your tickets visit